What is copper slag?
It is a blasting abrasive used for surface preparation. It is basically an “Iron Silicate“ and commercially called copper slag since it is derived out of copper concentrates.

How is it produced?
Copper slag is generated out of copper concentrate while extracting copper in the copper smelting units. It is composed of ferrosilicate material and oxide when the slag is quenched in the cold water. This process makes the slag into a granule form resulting coarser and angular particles.

Where is it used?
It is used to remove contaminants, paints, rust etc., and to clean the steel surface.

How is it used?
This material is air blasted from the compressed air through the Nozzle to the surface. Material is stored in a blast pot and compressed air passes through hoses to the pot and to the nozzle. The material is propelled along with the compressed air and allowed to hit the surface.

In which are the Industries copper slag is used?
It is used widely in shipyard, steel fabrication, oil and gas and construction chemicals.

What are the physical properties of copper slag?
Hardness - 6-7 Mohs, Chlorides - <25 ppm, Conductivity - <25 mS/m pH - 7, Bulk Density at 250C - 1.75 Tonnes/m3 , and Specific Gravity at 250C -3.5 kg/m3. What are the chemical properties of copper slag? Chemical Entity - Proportion by Weight (Typical), Silica (Combined as Silicate) SiO2 - 35%, Quartz (Free Silica) - <1.0%, Iron as Oxides FeO/Fe3O4 - 50%, Aluminium Oxide Al2O3 - 5%, Calcium Oxide CaO - 5%, Arsenic - <0.05%, Lead - <0.05%, Cadmium - 0.005%, Nickel - 0.10%, Cobalt - <0.05%, Chromium - <0.30%, Copper CuO - 0.5% and Zinc ZnO - 0.5%.

What are the ranges of OMGRIT copper slag?

Product Name Particle size Applications
HD + 0.5 – 2.5 MM Ships, bridge, flooring applications.
HD 0.2 – 2.4 MM Marine/ship repair, tank, construction Chemical applications and heavy coating removals
STD + 0.5 -1.4 MM Tanks, fabrication shops and pipe lines
STD 0.2- 1.4 MM Tanks, fabrication and pipe lines
Turbo + 0.1 – 1.5 MM Paint removal, aluminum glass applications
Turbo 0.2- 1.0 MM Cleaning of steel, mill scale removal.

What are the advantages of using OMGRIT copper slag?
1.It is economical, 2. Availability, 3. Free Silica, 4. Chloride content below < 25 PPM, 5. Sharp and angular material, 6. Hardness, 7. Better productivity. 8. Safe disposal.

How do we get optimum productivity?
Blasting methods vary depending on the application and subject to right usage of compressed air pressure, nozzle size and blasting angle on the surface. If the recommended procedure is followed, the desired productivity can be achieved.

Can it be recyclable?
It can be recyclable but it depends on the contaminants and the availability of coarser material after blasting. Generally it is not recommended but can be used subject to the above at least once again.

Is it safe to dispose off used grit?
It is safe to dispose off along with other waste material since the product does not have leachable effect. However it is subject to the local municipality’s waste disposal procedure.

Are the products available in all the countries?
OMGRIT products are available in all the GCC countries through the Distributors and to Northern Africa, other Middle East countries, Asia and CIS Countries are supplied directly either from our factory or through the Jebel Ali port, UAE.