The raw material IRON SILICATE is generated by quenching of the slag in water in a specially designed granulator at Copper Smelter. This slag is stored in our factory as discrete piles to effect primary solar drying. This slag is analysed periodically for its chemical composition and is reported in the test certificate provided by us.

Silica SiO2 (Combined as Silicate) 25-35% colour Black, glassy
Free Silica <0.5% Grain Shape Angular, Multifaceted
Alumina, Al2O3 2-9% Hardness 7 Moh
Iron Oxide as Fe0 45-55% Specific Gravity at 25c 3.5
Calcium Oxide CaO 2-9% Bulk Density at 25c 1.75 tonnes/m3
Magnesium Oxide MgO 1-5% pH 7.0
Copper Oxide, CuO 0.7% max Conductivity at 25c 4 mS/ m
Sulphates 0.02% Weight raise on Ignition 4%
Chlorides 0.003% Moisture Content <0.1%